Most Common Tropical Fish Diseases

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Just like any pet - fish can get sick too.  This can happen if your water parameters are out of balance, you introduce a new fish or your tropical fish is feeling stressed.  Here are a few of the most common fish illnesses to look out for (and how you can treat them)!

Common Tropical Fish Diseases:

This is perhaps the most common tropical fish disease of all.  It is identifiable by small white spots that resemble grains of salt or white sand on your fish's gills.  

How to Treat:
Ich is usually caused by water parameters that are not suitable for your fish.  Check your temperature and pH to make sure that they are not fluctuating.  You can also add medicine to your tank that treats the symptoms until they clear.  Frequent water changes should be made while treating.

Clamped Fins
Another common fish illness is when your fish has clamped fins.  This is not indicative of a specific disease, but it is a sign that your fish is stressed.  It is often a sign of bad water quality.  

How to Treat:
Test your aquarium water and conduct partial water changes until your fish tank has healthy conditions.

Body Flukes
If you notice your fish scratching against objects int he tank, they might have a parasite attached to their skin.  You may see a layer of mucus covering the gills or body, as well as chewed on or eaten away fins.  Often the skin will appear reddened.

How to Treat: 
Your tank will need to be treated with a parasite treatment.  Remove the activated carbon from your tank, treat the tank with medication, and conduct partial water changes between treatments.

Tail, Fin and Mouth Rot
If you notice that your fish's fins are becoming frayed and that the color is fading from their scales, this may be due to a bacterial infection. 

How to Treat:
Test your aquarium water to ensure that the water quality in your tank is healthy.  Then, you can treat the tank with a multipurpose treatment to help get rid of the infection.  

Have any questions about your new tropical fish tank and what medication is the right choice for your tank?  Give our Mineola store a call at  516-739-1015 or visit our website!  We carry a number of tropical fish tank test kits and medications.

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