How to Decorate Your Fish Tank for the Holidays

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Let’s face it: if you’re decorating your home for the holidays, you’ll certainly feel inclined to decorate your fish’s home, too! Although you won’t be able to decorate using the same materials (hello, electricity), there are other alternatives to give your fish the most festive tank on the block — and here’s how:


The first way to make your fish’s home festive for the holidays is to work from the ground up! When selecting different rocks/pebbles for your fish’s tank, it’s important to have a theme in mind — prior to decorating. If you’re looking to make the tank’s theme a winter wonderland, then it would be best to pick up some white fish tank gravel. If you’re looking to add some more color, then you can obtain some different colors, such as blue tank gravel, and incorporate it into the overall design. No matter what color(s) you choose, the end result will look incredible and festive!


Once you’ve added the base to your festive fish tank, it’s time to pick out some fun holiday decorations to bring your fish tank holiday display to life! When searching for the perfect additions to add to your pet’s holiday setup, it’s important to only use decorations that are intended for fish tanks and that are safe to use. In addition, it’s important to stay clear of any wood, plastics, and shells when creating your festive display — no matter how tempting it may be. The reason is that some of these materials can interfere with the pH balance in your water and can ultimately become a health hazard to your fish. Play it safe and only buy tank decor from trusted distributors (such as our store) to make your holiday memorable for the right reasons!

Decorate the Outside

Have your fish tank displayed on a large table? If so, you can certainly decorate the outside of your fish’s home by incorporating some fun, festive decor! The one aspect to keep in mind if you do this is to avoid using brightly lit decorations and those that make noise since these can distract your fish — and could frighten them. It’s also important to not clutter the area and leave it open so your fish can peer out of their home! If you follow these safe, fun steps, then your fish will truly have the jolliest of holidays this year!

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