How to Keep a Litter Box from Smelling

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When you’re the owner of a cat, there are a few things to take into consideration to keep your kitty in the best of health and spirits! One of the most important is taking care of their litter box — but this can also be a benefit for you, the owner, too!

Since this is known as the restroom for your little buddy, there is a chance that it could have a foul odor from time to time — understandable. If you’re looking to keep it smelling great and keep your fur baby’s restroom clean, here are some helpful tips to know!

Monitor the Box

One of the most essential tips to share is that you should check their litter box daily. This means glancing at it and seeing if it needs to be scooped. Another reason why this is an important step is that if your cat is feeling under the weather, you’ll be able to spot abnormalities in their stool, which you can then bring to the attention of your veterinarian.

Upgrade the Box

Another essential step in the litter box equation is to remember to replace the actual box itself. Sometimes, this can go overlooked — even though litter boxes can get regularly tarnished by your cat’s claws and the “scooper” itself. But if you happen to replace it at least once a year (or more frequently), there will be less of a chance of odors seeping into the material, causing a lingering smell.

Change the Litter

On average, how often do you change the litter within your cat’s litter box? If it’s anywhere over a span of two weeks, then you might want to start replacing it a little sooner. Since the litter material does have their fecal matter within it, it’s vital to replace at least every two weeks or sooner. This will help keep your cat healthy and reduce any potential smells!

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