The Best Toys for Pet Rabbits

If you have a pet rabbit in your life, then you know that these gentle creatures are little bursts of energy that love to run around and play! Unlike a dog or cat, rabbits are limited to the toys that they can have in their “playpen.” However, you’d be pleasantly surprised at the enjoyable things you can purchase for your little buddy to play with!

Grass Ball

One of the most popular toys that you can purchase for your rabbit is a grass ball! This fun invention is a perfect way for your little buddy to file their teeth — since their pearly whites will continuously be growing! The grass ball also makes for a tasty snack, too — and your rabbit will thank you in the process! One thing to note is that this ball isn’t made of the grass clippings you’d find on your front lawn — so if you’re inclined to make your own, it would be better to purchase a rabbit-friendly version instead.

Chewable Hanging Toy

Another excellent pick for a rabbit is a chewable hanging toy! These toys look almost like the bigger version of a friendship bracelet, with wooden pieces; it’s the perfect way for your rabbit to not only entertain themselves but to also file their teeth down. You can easily find these dangling toys at your local pet store — which also makes for the perfect “condo” accessory for your little buddy! You’ll be amazed at how much fun they’ll have playing around with one of these chewable toys!

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