Why You Should Give Your Pets Filtered Water

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When you’re trying to quench your thirst, do you go for bottled or tap? Without saying, there are plenty of people who will opt for the first option — especially if they don’t have a whole-home water filtration system. However, when it comes to pets, there’s a chance that some pet owners will opt to give their little buddy water directly from the tap, even if it’s unfiltered. While it may seem harmless, it might be wise to start providing your animal with fresh, filtered water; here’s why:

Unfiltered Water has Traces of Bacteria

Remember the days when you were a kid and would put your head under the kitchen faucet to drink water — but your parents would tell you not to? There’s a reason behind that: there are traces of bacteria in unfiltered water. While you might not be able to see it with the human eye alone, it’s not the best to consume daily. Since animals, just like humans, need water to survive, it wouldn’t be wise to provide your little buddy “tarnished” water.

Higher Chance of Contracting Giardia

A parasite that can cause harm to not only animals but to humans, too, is Giardia. This parasite is found in water and can live in the intestines, specifically the mucous lining — which isn’t a good thing. This parasite will cause bouts of diarrhea and will cause extreme discomfort to your animal.

Filtered Water is Always the Way to Go

Whether it’s from bottled water, a filtered water pitcher, or from the tap of a house with a whole-home filtration system, always opt to give your animal filtered water. This will not only help them maintain their health, but it will also keep them away from harmful bacteria and parasites that might be rather harmful to their well-being.  

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