Back to School Safety for Pets

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When the ice cream trucks start to fade away, and yellow buses begin to take back the road, that only means one thing: school is officially back in session! And while your child may be getting back into their school routine, there is another routine that the whole family should take note of: doing everything to keep your pets safe during the school year. Here are a few of the many ways you can keep your pet out of harm’s way once the first new notebook is opened:

Keep Lunch Boxes Away

As you know, dogs and cats are very curious creatures that might feel tempted to break into a lunch box and see what’s inside. No matter what could be packed away in there, there’s always a potential danger risk to their well-being. For example, if your child has a cold pack in there to keep their food cold, a dog or cat might try to bite it — and that wouldn’t be a good thing if it punctures open.

Another thing that pets can get their paws on is medication. If your child has an inhaler or another prescription medication, dogs and cats might try to toy with it and possibly eat what’s inside. Just to keep matters safe, always make sure that you keep all lunch boxes zipped/closed and that they’re stored somewhere that can’t be accessed by your pet (i.e., a refrigerator or kitchen cabinet).

Be Cautious with School Supplies

No matter what grade your child may be entering, there are quite a few school supply items that can pose a potential risk to your pet’s well-being. The biggest contenders happen to be pens and pencils. No matter what brand they may be, if your pet gets in contact with them, it can lead to a series of dangers (i.e., if they happen to try and eat them).

Another thing to look out for are bottles of glue and glue sticks. There’s nothing more tempting to an animal than getting a hold of these art supplies (which can cause bodily harm). If you can, always make sure that you get non-toxic glue and keep it in a very safe spot away from a paw’s reach. 

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