Plants that Should be Kept Away from Pet Birds

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Whether you’re the owner of your first bird or your second, you’ll know that there are a series of dos and don’ts, all to keep your little buddy safe and secure! One important thing that’s essential to remind all bird owners is that certain plants should be kept away from their feathered friends at all times. Not sure what those might be? Here are a few of the many to be cautious of:


A plant that’s found both inside and outside of most homes across the world is ivy. While this green, vine-like plant is quite beautiful to look at, it’s rather dangerous to the health of your pet bird if they come in contact with it. No matter what kind of ivy it may be, always make sure that your feathered friend is kept far away from it.


Known to be a trendy plant around the holiday season, a poinsettia is somewhat dangerous to a variety of pets, including birds. These plants are considered to be highly poisonous, and if the smallest amount is ingested by an animal (or human being), it could be fatal. If you feel inclined to decorate your home with this holiday plant, then it’s best to opt for the faux version, which is either made out of plastic or fabric.


When spring rolls around, do you adorn your home with bright, beautiful daffodils? If so, then it’s another plant you’ll want to keep outside and far away from your pet bird. The bright yellow of these flowers draws the attention of most birds (especially parrots) and is extremely dangerous if they consume it.

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