How Often Should I Walk my Dog?

Just like you brush your teeth at least twice a day, dogs should go for a walk at least three times a day! And you know the feeling well: if you have to skip over a part of your daily routine, then you might feel “off” all day — and the same concept applies to your hound, too. Well, if you’re a new dog owner and you’re not quite sure how often you should walk your pooch, or when you should, here are some things to consider:

Consider the Breed

While all dogs must go for a walk, it’s also vital to know if your pooch is regarded as a high-energy breed. This means exactly what you can infer: these particular breeds are very energetic and strive to maintain a very active lifestyle — which means that it’s best if they’re walked more than once a day. Some high-energy breeds include, but are not limited to dalmatians, Siberian huskies, border collies, and Irish setters.

Consider their Age

Just like a toddler running around the house when they have a new toy in hand, the same will apply to your pooch! Depending on their age, a younger dog will have much more energy and would like to go for more than walk a day. Now, regarding an older dog, they might not be able to go for a walk around the block due to physical ailments — even if they are considered a high-energy breed. If you can’t seem to figure out what the best solution may be for your dog (especially if they can’t go for lengthy walks), then it’s best to consult with your veterinarian and see what they deem would be best for your fur baby.

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