How to Protect Your Dog's Paws in the Summer

You know the feeling well: on a hot summer day, you step outside to go get the mail — and upon placing your bare feet on the pavement, you feel the scorching heat radiate right through your body. While you may be able to neglect the pain, you pooch cannot. In fact, an overly hot pavement in the summer can severely burn your dog’s feet. To keep their feet safe and protected, here are some ways to take charge:

Test the Pavement

Before taking your fur baby out on a walk, test the temperature of the pavement, first. You can simply do this by touching it with your hand. If you feel as if it’s too hot, then it would be best to wait until the heat goes down. Typically, it’s best to avoid taking any walks during the middle of the day and wait until the evening. However, before you take your dog for a walk at night, still test the pavement, since there is a chance the heat could still linger.

Keep it Plush

Just like a plush carpet inside your home, it’s best to keep your pooch on the grass at all times, if possible. Unlike the pavement, this will be a much cooler alternative — even if the temperature continues to soar outside. Another way to keep them cool and comfortable? Turn on a lawn sprinkler and let them play in the cool water; this will be the ultimate summer treat for your little buddy! 

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