Simple Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe on Independence Day

Ah, Independence Day! One of the biggest holidays in the United States also happens to be one of the most dangerous for your pets, believe it or not. While your little buddy will love to celebrate with you, there is a chance that they could find themselves in harms way if a close eye isn’t kept on them. Here are some ways to eliminate a potential problem from occurring:

Keep them Inside at Night

Do you or one of your neighbors launch fireworks on your block at night? If so, it’s highly recommended to keep your pets inside during the festivities. For example, if your pet happens to walk on over to the firework as it’s launching, it could lead to disaster. To avoid any potential problems, leave your buddy inside with the air conditioner on, food, water, and a human buddy, if they’re afraid of the fireworks.

Hydrate During the Day

Are you hosting a giant barbecue during the day in your backyard? If so, limit your pet’s time in the sun and keep them hydrated at all times. This will help reduce the risk of dehydration and will keep them in tip-top shape. Another thing to keep in mind? Make sure your little buddy doesn’t make their way into a heap of human food — because that could be dangerous for their digestive system.

Human Food is off Limits

Just like we mentioned earlier, keep your pet away from human food, no matter how much they beg. Unlike pet food, anything that’s not a part of their usual assortment of food can be quite dangerous to their health. If a party guest happens to give your pet a share of their plate and doesn’t cut the piece of food to the right dimensions, then there’s a chance your pet can choke.

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