Are Salt Lamps Safe for Cats?

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You know them well: those pink, rock-like lamps that everyone has in their home nowadays. And if you’re looking to reap the benefits of a rock salt lamp, then we have some news for you: it’s highly toxic if your cat (or dog) comes in contact with it. Now, you might be asking yourself: “What can be so bad about something so natural?” Well, you’d be surprised — and not in a good way:

Salt is Toxic to Cats (and Dogs)

You may have been told since the day you brought your fur baby home for the very first time, but here’s a friendly reminder: salt is toxic to cats (and dogs). In fact, salt should be kept away from your animals at all times. The reason being is that it can not only make them vomit, but it can also decrease their appetite, make them extremely thirsty, and invoke other ailments that no fur baby should ever have to go through. 

Is it Safe to Have a Salt Lamp?

If you have a fur baby in your life, then it would be best not to purchase a salt lamp. Since cats typically defy the odds of gravity and will climb all over your home, there’s a stronger chance that they might not only be attracted to the light but that they might have the tendency to go over and lick it. 

Even if you have the salt lamp in a room in your home that your cat doesn’t frequent, it’s still a good idea not to have the lamp at all — just in case your fur baby decides to wander and explore one day. 

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