Low Maintenance Pets to Know

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When you’re looking to become a pet owner for the very first time, it’s essential to know that some pets require much more maintenance than others. Whether you have your eyes set on a golden lab or guinea pig, you’ll have to do your research and see which pet is compatible for your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a pet to that’s classified to be low-maintenance, here are some options to consider:

Finches and Canaries

If you’re looking for the perfect low-maintenance bird, set your sights on either a finch or a canary. These small birds are the ideal fit for the pet owner that’s always on the go. These birds will need the standard in care (i.e., food, water, cage, toys, regular visits to the vet), but are also pretty content entertaining themselves in addition to human interaction.


One of the most popular members of the rodent family also happens to be one of the easiest to take care of. Hamsters are very independent creatures and can pretty much sustain on their own. From various toys to the infamous hamster wheel, these guys will do just about anything to keep themselves occupied. As a whole, the care duties on your end are much simpler when taking care of a hamster.


As we’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, cats are a joy to have and are part of the low-maintenance category. Unlike dogs that need to be walked and groomed often, cats are very self-sustaining — but of course need attention, water, food, and more. As you might have noticed at a friend or family member's house that owns a cat, these creatures would instead do their own thing and can be found wandering around your home, looking for an adventure!

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