The Best Pets for Apartments

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When you’re living in an apartment or small space, chances are that you’re not making the rules when it comes to what you can do/not do when residing there. If you’re on the rare end of the bargain and are permitted to have a pet live with you, here are a few of the best animals to have when you live in a much smaller space:


If you’ve had a goldfish or beta fish as a kid, then you know how much joy they can bring to any living space! Whether your little fish friend is in a small tank or a large one, there’s nothing better than having a fish as a roommate! When you have an apartment, a fish will be a low-maintenance pet to take care of. Your fish friend won’t have to be taken outside for walks or to use the bathroom — and if you happen to live in a busy city, that’s one of the biggest perks.


Another perfect pet for an apartment is a cat. Cats are typically self-sustaining animals and don’t need to be taken out for walks, like dogs. If you have a cat, you’ll need food, water, some toys, and a litter box, at a minimum, for them to be as happy and healthy as can be. Also, cats are generally able to be flexible and won’t take up too much room in your apartment, either!


From guinea pigs to rabbits, a rodent will make for a great roommate in your apartment! These tiny creatures usually reside to their “condos” (cages) and aren’t too fussy when it comes to care and maintenance. Additionally, they’re cuddly, adorable, and will instantly be your best friend!

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