Does my Pet Bird Like Music?

We've all seen those cute videos online where a bird hears music, raises its feathers and begins to dance along to the beat happily. You may be curious whether your bird, who doesn't seem to tap its toes the same way those cockatoos online do, really likes music too.

Good news: Research shows that birds' brains respond to music almost the same way that humans do!

Music affects the brain, lifting our spirits and making us feel happier, more positive and less stressed. Your bird may get the same outcome when you play an instrument or stream your favorite playlist!

Why Do Birds Like Music?

Dr. DeVoogd, a professor at Cornell University, reveals that birds are hardwired to prefer a specific frequency and tempo of music. "We know that with the combination of both innate and learned qualities, birds will cue into a particular frequency range, a particular tempo and that the bird then constructs his own song using those qualities."

Birds whistle and "sing" as a form of communication. Why do they sing along to music? It's hard to say for sure, but many experts suggest that birds are highly social creatures who enjoy music similarly to people and are moved to dance and "sing along" the same way we are.

What Type of Music Do Birds Like?

One study found that two parrots each had separate music tastes: one enjoyed classical pieces while the other liked pop songs. Both parents, however, disliked dance music and became stressed when it was played.

You should try to play a variety of music for your bird and see which songs they respond best to. You might be surprised to discover that your bird has a favorite genre or even a favorite song!

Pay attention to your bird's reaction. Do they respond in a happy, communicative way, or do they seem angry, fearful and agitated when they hear a certain song? Exploring music together is a great way to bond with your bird and enjoy life together.

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