What are the Best Ways to Introduce Your Dog to Other Dogs?

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You know that feeling well: when you start a new job, and you’re looking to make friends in the office, but you might feel a tad shy or awkward before approaching them? Well, the same concept applies to your dog, too! Granted, some pooches may be the life of the party and not be afraid to make new pals — but sometimes the process isn’t always easy for them, either. If you’re looking to get your dog acquainted with some new furry friends in the neighborhood, here are some things you’ll want to take note of, first.

Make Sure You Have a Leash

Before your dog begins to mingle with some new pooches on the block, you’ll want to make sure that they and their paw-tential new pal are both on leashes. The reason being is that if both dogs start off on the wrong foot, they might try to go after each other. Of course, you’ll want to avoid this from happening at all costs. However, if the dogs grow fond of each other, and both human parents notice this, you can then remove the leashes (only in a closed area, such as a backyard or park) if you feel that they’ll be cordial to each other.

Make it Personal

If you and your neighbor want your dogs to meet, it would be best to have the soiree at someone’s home. Sometimes, a pooch can get distracted by other things going on around them, and if something startles them, then there’s a chance they could react negatively. Therefore, depending on the weather, a living room or backyard will be the best place for both dogs to meet. Of course, still, keep in mind the leash method mentioned above and make sure that they’re good to go.

Always Remember

You wouldn’t force yourself to talk to someone that you didn’t get along with — and the same applies to your dog. If you see that things aren’t working between them and their potential new friend, then it’s best to move on; don’t force the friendship.

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