Things to Consider When Placing a Bird Cage in Your Home

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Whether you have always been a bird owner or are adopting your first feathered friend, there’s always a perfect spot in any home to put their “condo.” While it can seem like a challenge or an overwhelming process, it’s actually quite simple to find that perfect location that they’ll not only love but will feel safe in, too. Before setting up their “apartment,” take these tips into mind:

Temperature Controlled

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure that you place your feathered friend’s condo in a temperature controlled room in your home. Of course, this would mean keeping it out of the kitchen, not setting it by an air conditioning/heating vent, putting it directly next to the window, or a door that leads outside. The reason being is that these spots, clearly, have a constant change in temperature, which could be very discomforting to your bird and possibly take a toll on their well-being.

Moderate Traffic Area

One thing is for certain: you want to make sure that your bird is in a spot where they can interact. Just like a cat or dog, a bird wants the same amount of love and affection, if not, more. Therefore, you should make it a point that they can see their human parents whenever they can. However, just be cautious of putting them in an area where there’s too much foot traffic or noise because that can be rather unsettling to them.

Keep Certain Objects Away

An aspect that some bird owners don’t take into consideration are particular objects that are kept around their feathered friend. Whether it’s an essential oil diffuser or a scented candle, these are a few of the many scented objects that can be hazardous to your bird’s health. Just make sure that if these objects are present, that they’re used outside of the room and away from your bird’s presence.

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