Can I Bathe my Cat?

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Ah, the classic debate that every first-time cat owner is struck with: can I bathe my feline? Nine out of ten times, new cat parents will scour the internet looking for facts and figures about bathing their kitty cat, but that can lead to mass confusion and possible stress. If you’re not sure whether you should give your cat a bath or not, please continue reading:

Does my Cat Need a Bath?

Believe it or not, your cat does...drum roll, please…not need a bath! Unlike dogs, felines are equipped with a barbed tongue. This texture on their tongue helps cats stay clean by combing through their fur and getting rid of anything that may be lingering. Since cats are known to clean themselves on a daily basis, this helps alleviate the task of trying to find time to bathe them throughout the week.

Can I Give my Cat a Bath?

Of course, you can certainly give your feline a bath if you feel that this would help. Sometimes, cats are faced with having dirt or pests that linger in their fur, which could be impossible for them to remove with their own cleaning tactics. Indeed, you’ll want to make sure that if you do give your cat a bath, that you’ll be using a cat-designated shampoo that will not only help keep their coat in great condition, but that won’t irritate their skin overall.

What Type Qualifies for a Bath?

While most cats are perfectly okay to skip a bath, there are a few exceptions to the rule. The following must be bathed:

  • Hairless Cats: giving them a bath will help keep their skin in pristine condition.

  • Overweight Cats: sometimes, they’ll have a bit of a tougher time cleaning themselves and may need the assistance of a bath to do so.

  • Long-haired Cats: since their coats are rather long, these cats will need to have some extra TLC when it comes to their fur.

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