Ways to Naturally Deodorize Your Home

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Over time, your home can develop odors that you simply do not notice because you are around it so much — especially as a pet owner. However, odors can worsen to the point that even your own nose can no longer ignore the smell. Whether you are preparing to entertain friends and family or preparing to sell your home, odors are not something you want hanging around.

While spraying your home with air freshener might seem like the obvious solution, it only serves to mask the odor instead of resolving the problem, and could be dangerous to your pet’s health. Here are some natural methods you can use to deodorize your home.

Check the Usual Suspects

The first thing you should do is start by taking a look at the locations around your home that typically generate odors. Trash cans, litter boxes, upholstery, and even the air itself can be the sources of the odors in your home.

  • Clean trash cans thoroughly with a green disinfectant cleaner at least once a month. If you have a large household, consider doing this every other week.

  • Upholstery is like a sponge to odors and can accumulate. Make cleaning your furniture a weekly task by using the furniture attachment on your vacuum.

  • If you have a litter box in your home, it’s best to monitor clean it is on a daily basis. Once you notice a potent smell, it’s time to change it.

  • The air in your home can become saturated with odors, especially during the colder months of the year when you tend to keep all of the windows closed tight. By opening the windows for two hours, you let fresh air into the home as it pushes the old stagnant air out. Note: you’ll want to make sure that your windows are open on a crack and have a screen. This way, you’ll let the clean air in, but your pet won’t be able to leap through the window.

Spread Some Safe Air Freshener

If you still feel the need to use an air freshener, consider these natural alternatives to add some fresh scents to your home and to keep your pet safe.

  • Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the filter on your vacuum. As the air cycles through, it will spread the aroma of the oil through the room.

  • For an added splash of aroma, it’s best to invest in an essential oil diffuser. This will not only keep your home smelling fresh all day long, but it will be the perfect alternative to those harmful spray fresheners.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and useful! Looking for some more pet tips? Give us a call at 516-739-1015 or visit our store in person to chat with us!

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