Should I Feed my Dog Wet or Dry Food?

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It’s true: we all know that what we put into our bodies matters, and we also go to great lengths to make sure that our families eat well, too — which includes our pets. Sure, you may have wondered what's best when it comes to feeding man's best friend: canned wet food or classic dry kibble? Well, we’re here to settle this debate once and for all!

The Case for Kibble

There are some upsides to kibble. First, kibble is typically cheaper, and manufacturers have the ability to sell it in larger quantities — which makes it more convenient for parents who own big pooches that eat a lot. Another perk about dry food? You don't have to refrigerate it. Additionally, if your dog tends to eat too quickly, crunchy kibble will definitely slow your pooch down at chow time, helping their digestive tract.

The Benefits of Canned Food

While dry kibble may be convenient, canned food comes with a slew of great benefits, too. First, wet food tends to be healthier for your dog because it contains fewer preservatives. For this same reason, canned food often contains more protein and fewer carbohydrates, since it’s fresh. Of course, many fur baby owners report that their dogs like canned food better than kibble, possibly because canned food contains more meat, and there are a wider variety of meats available — which is excellent for the pickiest pooches!

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