How Often Should I Clean My Fish Tank?

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You should never take cleaning your fish tank for granted. Since fish live in the same water they excrete in, dangerous toxins build up that can be deadly if left unchecked. It might seem daunting, but cleaning your fish tank is necessary for your fish to be healthy and happy.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Fish Tank

The frequency that you clean your tank depends on its size and how many fish are in it. To keep things under control, you can clean out old food and other debris on a daily basis.

This will help the water stay fresher longer, which will also help extend the life of your filter medium as well. It will also help your fish and other aquatic life like plants, etc. to live longer.

You should at least be cleaning your tank on a weekly basis to keep things on a natural, manageable schedule.

How to Change the Water in Your Fish Tank

Regardless of the type of water in your fish tank, you will need to change the water. As long as the water is not murky and dirty, you only need to remove 10% - 15% of your tank's water and replace it with fresh water. Of course, condition it as needed.

How to Clean the Filter

The frequency that you change the filter will depend on the type of filter that you are using. A mechanical or chemical filter needs to be changed at least once a month while a biological filter doesn't need to be replaced as often. It’s important to always check your filter during each cleaning because sometimes your tank environment might produce more waste than other times.

To change the filter, follow the manufacturer's instructions that were included with your model. In general, for chemical and mechanical filters, you need to remove and replace the cartridge. On the other hand, biological filters need the media replaced. The exact media will depend on your setup.

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