Avoid Feeding Your Bird These Foods

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Unlike scrounging around your refrigerator for the first snack that comes to sight, this is a practice that should be highly avoided when it comes to your pet bird. Believe it or not, like most animals, there are only a few foods that your pet can eat and many that they must not. If you’re not sure which to avoid, here are few of the top contenders:

Anything Containing Salt

If you’re thinking about sharing your popcorn with your pet bird, then you might want to rethink that idea. Unlike human beings, birds aren’t able to digest salt. In fact, this culinary staple is actually quite toxic to their health and overall well-being. Even if your bird has a tiny bit of this popular ingredient, it can dry your bird out and disrupt their digestive tract — which is never pleasant for your feathered friend.

Stay Away from Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you’ll want to make sure that you keep chocolate away from your bird. The reason being is that they won’t be able to digest the staple dessert and it could even be life-threatening if they ingest a large amount of it. If you’re going to give your bird a dessert, then it’s best to stick to bird-approved treats that you can purchase at our store.

No Coffee or Caffeine

If you have enough coffee, you’ll feel awake and alert all day long — but if your feathered friend gets a taste of a caffeinated beverage, it could be fatal since it has the ability to raise their heart rate. Once their heart rate is up, your bird’s safety will be in danger. The only beverage your bird should be drinking is water and nothing else. Water will keep them hydrated, healthy and alert!

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