Tips to Pet Proof Your Home

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If you’re the owner of a pet, or two, then you’ll do anything in your power to keep your “babies” safe at all costs. Although you may know a few of the basic steps to maintaining a pet-safe home, here are a few suggestions to ensure maximum protection:

Backyard Lighting

Whether you have a cat or dog, then it’s a possibility that you let them outside at night to either get some fresh air or to use the restroom. Regardless of the reason, some backyards are too dark for them to see around — which could also lure in some unexpected visitors that might harm them (we’re looking at you, raccoons and opossums).

One of the best ways to avoid any mishaps, besides parental supervision, is to install some outdoor lighting. This will not only help your pet see much better, but it will deter any visitors from making their way onto your property.

Indoor Cameras

When you go to work, who happens to be home with your furbaby? Sometimes, they’re left alone, which is fine — but could also lead to potential harm. In order to ensure that your “baby” is in the clear, it would be wise to install some indoor security cameras in prime areas of your home such as, but not limited to:

  • Kitchen

  • Living Room

  • Hallway

  • Front Door

This will help you keep a close eye on your pet, in addition to preventing any surprises when you walk in the front door (i.e., a broken vase on the floor).

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