Why Does my Cat Scratch Everything?

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Oh, no: it seems that your cat Fluffy scratched the sofa pretty severely, again. Although you might feel as if your feline is misbehaving — they’re actually just trying to maintain their claw health. If you’re still not sure why your cat is clawing your entire home, then here are some reasons why and how to save your furniture in the process.

Why Cats Scratch

When it comes to scratching, there are a variety of different reasons why your beloved feline will be “re-decorating” your entire home. To start, one of the biggest scratching reasons is that your cat is trying to preserve their claw health.

Believe it or not, cats need to scratch objects to shed layers of dead skin from their claws. This will not only keep them in tip-top shape, but it will prevent any health problems from occurring.

Another reason why your cat likes to scratch is that they’re bored. Just like reaching for your cell phone and scrolling through a social media feed our of boredom, your feline does the same thing — except in the form of scratching, which also helps mark their territory.

How to Save your Furniture

Before you try to prevent your feline from scratching, just know that it’s a healthy activity for them and should never be restricted. In fact, it’s essential to provide your cat with some alternative items to scratch, such as a scratching post.

When your cat is introduced to a scratching post, not only will they fall in love with it, but they’ll begin to use that for entertainment/claw health whenever they need it. Indeed, they may scratch non-scratching post items from time-to-time, but this will be the perfect solution to lessen the chances of a clawed sofa.

Another great item for your cat to scratch is a strand of rope, which will be made of the same material as their scratching post. This will be a great way to bond with your cat and let them get some exercise in the process! No matter what you come up with, your feline will love their new scratching options!

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