Purfect Facts About Cats

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Oh, what would we do without cats? These adorable creatures make the pur-fect pet and are indeed an excellent addition to any family! If you’re a cat enthusiast or you’re looking to find your very first cat as a pet, then there are a variety of incredible facts to know about cats — and we’re here to share some of them with you!

Cats are Known to be Hunters

Believe it or not, sweet, little cats are known to be hunters in the animal kingdom! Take a look at their relatives: lions! These big, wild cats can capture their food within seconds and are known to be one of the strongest animals in each environment they inhabit. The same applies to domestic cats, too — but on a much smaller scale.

Whenever you happen to witness a cat obtaining a mouse or small creature, they inherit this skill from their wild relatives. Additionally, felines are very smart in the way they hunt: they “march” quietly to attack their prey. The next time your cat goes after a toy, observe their feet and the way they all move in sync to minimalize the noise!

Cats Have Heightened Senses

When you see your cat roaming around the house, did you ever notice how well they smell and hear things? These skills help cats not only be alert but it aides them in their day-to-day activities — especially if they’re an indoor/outdoor cat. In addition to having an incredible sense of smell and hearing, cats also have an incredible sense of sight, too.

Before a cat roams around your home (or neighborhood) at night, before they make any moves, they scope out the area and plan which way they’ll move. This, of course, is through their incredible sense of night vision — which helps them navigate swiftly in any environment and keeps them safe.

Cats Love to Play

One of the best facts about cats is that they like to play! In addition to getting a regular source of exercise from playtime, felines love to scratch, climb, catch and run on a daily basis!

Of course, depending on the age of your precious cat, your feline could have a tremendous amount of energy or a standard amount of energy — but either way, if you wave a toy in front of your cat, they’ll be more than glad to play, no matter what time of the day!

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