Popular Facts about Dogs

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Fact: it’s impaw-sible not to love dogs! Whether you own a dog or are looking to get one, there are many paw-fect reasons why these animals make great pets. Although might know the basics about this pet, there are some other facts that many might not know — and definitely should!

Dogs Have Whiskers

Believe it or not, whiskers aren’t only for cats: dogs have them, too! If you happen to notice that your pooch has a perfect set of whiskers, don’t trim them off — because it helps them see!

Now, you might be a tad confused by that comment, but a dog’s whiskers help them sense what’s around them in a dark environment. This will help your dog use their judgment and will help guide them through your home during the night!

Dogs Have a Great Sense of Hearing

No, your dog isn’t barking for no reason — they hear something in the distance! Believe it or not, your canine has a much broader hearing frequency range than human beings, which makes listening an absolute breeze for them.

In fact, a dog can hear a sound outside of your home before you even hear the noise. This is another reason why dogs make for the perfect protection companions!

Dogs Smell Emotions

Now, you might be surprised by this one, but your dog can smell your feelings. Unlike human beings who detect emotions by speaking to someone or looking at them, a dog can smell perspiration (which senses fear or dread) and can even identify when someone is pregnant. Dogs are, in fact, incredibly smart animals and are also said to be as sharp as a two-year-old toddler, too!

Dogs Can Tell Time

When you come home from work each day, does your dog jump up and down with excitement when you enter the house? If that’s the case, it’s because not only did they miss you — but they have a great sense of time!

That’s right: your pooch has a schedule and knows your daily schedule better than you do! Although they don’t wear watches or read the clock, you’ll be amazed at their time-telling skills for sure!

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