Why a Cat Makes the Perfect Pet

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Let’s face it: Cats make the “purfect” pet in any home! Whether you’re looking for your very first pet or are looking to add another one to your family, felines are the best choice! If you’re still not sure whether you’ll be adopting a cat, then here a few things to consider:

Extremely Playful

Believe it or not, cats are extremely playful animals! That’s right: due to popular belief, those who don’t own cats think that felines sit around all day and sleep. Of course, that’s not the case: it’s far from it! If you’re looking for the “purfect” pet to entertain (and keep you entertained), then a cat will be an excellent addition to your home!

Don’t Go for Walks

If you’re always on the run and don’t have time to take a dog for a walk, then a cat will be an excellent choice. Since cats don’t walk on leashes, these felines gain exercise on their own by running around your home, stretching, playing and more. Cats are independent animals — but of course, you still need to take care of them!

Use a Litter Box

That’s right: you won’t have to worry about walking across your lawn to find a little “surprise” waiting for your foot! Unlike dogs, cats use a litter box as their toilet — and many are already trained to run to it when they need it. Sure, you’ll have to clean the litter box out from time-to-time — but it’s a perk for those that don’t have backyards or any grass on their property, for that matter!

Very Kind

Another great perk about cats is that they’re rather kind. Sure, they might receive a bad rap for being “mean” — but cats are the complete opposite of that. If you’re looking to get a first pet for your kids and don’t have space (or yard) for a dog, then a cat will undoubtedly be the best solution. No matter what type of cat you decide on, or how many you get, there’s always room for a cat in your heart!

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