Interesting Facts About Dog Paws

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One of the most “im-pawtant” parts of a dog is, of course, their paws! Located at the bottom of each leg, these “grips” not only help your dog walk, but they also keep their body safe from any elements they may encounter. However, if you’ve ever examined your pooch’s paws, you’ll notice the intricate details of their “footwear” — and some incredible facts follow:

Have Built-In Shock Absorbers

Believe it or not, dogs have the same protection in their paws that are found in high-quality running sneakers. That’s right: when the Digi Pads (toes) and the Metacarpal Pad (hat shaped pad underneath the toes) touch the ground, they provide joint protection throughout the dog’s leg. This way, if a dog jumps from the couch — their limbs will be protected when they land.

Temperature Controlled

Another great benefit about dog paws is that they’re temperature controlled! Think about it: when your pooch steps onto the cold, snow-covered pavement, their paws send signals to the rest of their body, which then heats up their little “snowshoes.” Of course, it’s best to keep your dog’s paws off of extremely cold/hot pavement — but just know that the thick layer of fatty tissue does help, a tad.

They Have Thumbs

Although canines don’t have opposable thumbs, they do have Dewclaws — which are their version of human thumbs. These “extra toes” are usually located on the ankle of most dogs and contain an even percentage of bone and muscle. These not only help the dog when they're walking, but it gives them more stability, too. Of course, if dogs did have opposable thumbs, then this would indeed provide them with another advantage: picking objects up!

Pads Tell a Story

When you inspect your dog’s paws and feel the pad, is it rough or soft? Depending on the texture, it can certainly tell you whether your dog goes outdoors more or stays inside. If your pooch happens to spend most of their time in the backyard, then their pads will be a tad rougher in texture. Now, if your dog happens to stay inside more often, then their pads are going to be much softer in texture!

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