Fall Activities for Dogs

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Autumn is officially here — and what better way to celebrate than with your pooch! From pumpkin picking to finding the perfect Halloween costume, there are a variety of ways to have fun this fall with your dog! Not sure where to start? Check out these suggestions:

Go to a Nature Trail

Does your dog like to take long walks, especially if that includes a nature trail? If that’s the case, then it’s best to do that throughout autumn! Not only will this be the perfect way to get some exercise, but you and your fur baby will be able to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of fall!

One of the best places to take your pooch is to a local park or preserve. Of course, it’s always best to make sure that your canine is allowed to visit the spot before you arrive. Sadly, some parks/preserves don’t permit pets of any kind — which could put a halt to your plans. Once you do find a pet-friendly park/preserve, then you’ll be good to go!

Learn Some Tricks

Another excellent fall activity is to teach your dog some new tricks! From fetch to rolling over, there are a variety of cool, fun, tricks that a fur baby would love to learn. The best solution? Take your dog outside and into the backyard. Of course, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the autumn weather, while having some fun!

Before you start to teach your dog some tricks, it’s important to keep them away from ticks! Sometimes, it’s possible that a pile of autumn leaves could be infested with some “pests” which could cling to your dog. To prevent this, it’s always best to make sure to rake your yard clean of leaves and to keep your pooch from jumping into them!

Go Costume Shopping

Does your pooch like to dress up for Halloween? If that’s the case, then taking them costume shopping will be an excellent choice! Of course, when you plan to purchase the perfect statement piece for them, you want to make sure that they’ll not only feel comfortable in the frock but that it’s pet-friendly.

Instead of purchasing the costume online, you’ll want to go to your local pet store to find the Halloween piece. This will not only help you find the perfect fit for your pooch, but you’ll feel much better purchasing a costume from an actual pet store instead of a run-of-the-mill online shopping retailer.

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