Facts About Goldfish

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One of the most popular pets that anyone can own is a goldfish! Known for their beautiful golden scales and joyful demeanor, there are many reasons why they’re a common sight in many homes. If you’re looking to own one of these incredible fish or already own one, then here are some interesting facts to know:

They’re a Different Species

Believe it or not, there’s a widespread belief that goldfish are related to Koi fish — but in actuality, they’re not. At first glance, goldfish look like the smaller version of the legendary pond fish, but both fish are actually just members of the carp family. This explains why the two variations of fish look similar but are not the same species.

You Shouldn’t Pet One

Sometimes, goldfish owners may be tempted to not only hold their fish (we strongly don’t advise to do so), but they might even try to pet their goldfish (again, we strongly don’t recommend to do so), too. The reason why this is dangerous is that it could jeopardize your goldfish’s health.

How so? Like most fish, goldfish have a “slimy” coat that protects the fish from any waterborne illnesses or infections. If a human hand touches the fish, then it’s possible they could remove the coat altogether.

Can Change Colors

Fact: it’s very possible that a goldfish can change colors! Of course, the fish can’t develop rainbow scales — but they can definitely have a different complexion, depending on where they reside. For example, if you have a goldfish in broad daylight, then it’s possible for the fish to have a more vibrant, multi-toned gold complexion.

However, if you happen to keep your goldfish in the dark, shaded area, then your goldfish’s gold tone will go from a vibrant hue of gold to a light, pale gold. The next time you examine your little fish friend, observe how their scales change in different shades of light!

Don’t Tap the Glass

Just like attempting to pet your goldfish, you should avoid tapping on the glass. Believe it or not, your goldfish can hear you by picking up on vibrations. If happen to tap on their little home (no matter how gentle or firm), it can severely startle your goldfish — which isn’t pleasant on their end. If you can, always try to avoid tapping on their tank!

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