What to do if Your dog is Overweight

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Believe it or not, your pooch could be a tad overweight. Of course, this is a possibility for those fur babies that are spoiled with endless treats, table food, and large portioned meals on a daily basis. If you notice that your canine is overweight or their veterinarian wants them to lose weight, then here are some things to get the job done:

Be Mindful of how you Feed Them

Sometimes, it’s simple to lose track of how much you feed your dog. Sure, you’ll always feel inclined to give your beloved fur baby a variety of treats and table scraps whenever you can, because you love them — but that can all add up when it comes to their weight.

When a dog is overweight, not only will it be much more difficult for them to function in their day-to-day life (i.e., going for a walk with ease), but it will also take a toll on their breathing and joints. If your dog is overweight or is on the verge of being overweight, then it’s essential to limit their portions for each meal. Instead of giving your dog an endless amount of food, it’s best to measure it out to the recommended servings on the back of the bag/can.  

Additionally, it’s important to limit their treats and consumption of table food. When your dog deserves a treat, you can either give them half of the treat or find a healthier, dog-friendly treat alternative at your local pet store. If you tend to feed your pooch some table food here and there, then it’s best to cut back altogether. Sure, it’s a sweet treat — but they’ll get used to “human food” and will begin to pack on the calories.

Plan a Workout Regimine

Just like a human being, once your pooch starts dieting, it will be essential for them to start exercising, too. Of course, you don’t want to take your dog to the gym — but you can make their version of a gym, regarding activities to keep them active.

One of the best tricks of the trade is to take your dog on a nature walk. Please keep in mind that you’ll want to do this on a cool day — since the heat can dehydrate your pooch, which can take a severe toll on their health.

Another great way to keep your fur baby active is to get some throwable toys for the backyard. Not only will you have a blast playing with your pooch, but they’ll receive an incredible amount of “pooch cardio” from running up and down the lawn. Again, you’ll want to make sure that it’s a cool day and that your fur baby won’t be exposed to the sun for too long.

Once you follow these simple tips, you will see a vast improvement in your pooch’s performance and overall well-being! If you’re not sure what will be the best way to help your canine lose a few pounds, then please consult with your veterinarian!

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