Facts About Catnip

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Cat Parents: when you give your cat some catnip, what’s their initial reaction? For some felines, they go ~wild~ for this natural earth-based good — while others wouldn’t prefer it at all. Regardless, the term has come up into conversation more than once, and you may be curious as to what this “earthly wonder” really is. Well, you’re in luck — because we’re here to provide some great tips about catnip!

You can Grow it at Home

When it comes to catnip, many cat parents aren’t sure where they can obtain this earth-based treat for their feline. Believe it or not, catnip is exceptionally accessible to all cat owners and can be grown in your backyard!

If your fur baby is obsessed with this treat, then you can simply visit your local home and garden store to either pick up a catnip plant or some seeds.

Once you acquire the plant/seeds, you can then grow it in the comfort of your own home and treat your cat whenever they may want something to keep them occupied!

It has Many Different Forms

As it’s known, catnip is typically given to your cat as a piece of the plant itself — but it does, indeed, come in a variety of other forms.

One of the most popular forms is catnip toys, which have remnants of the plant inside of them. This will not only make the treat create less of a mess in your home, but your feline will love the look and feel of the toys overall!

If you’re looking to change things up with your cat, then you can look into dried catnip — which is just as great as regular, live catnip, except this will let you store the catnip a bit longer than if it was fresh out of the garden.

No matter which form of catnip you choose for your fur baby, they’ll be happy regardless!

Not all cats Like Catnip

Believe it or not, just like fine wine, catnip has an acquired taste. If you feel as if your fur baby isn’t a fan of the natural treat, then it might be due to genetics.

When scientists looked into the facts and figures about catnip, they noticed that approximately 50 percent of cats are in love with the plant, while the other half of felines are not.

Of course, your cat could genetically like the plant, but still might not be a fan of it. Regardless, it happens, and you can’t make your fur baby like it — which is completely fine and healthy.

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