Common Facts About Turtles

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When it comes to reptiles, the turtle steals the hearts of many pet owners. The reason? They’re adorable, calm in spirit and are a pleasure to have in your home! Whether you’re looking to own your very first turtle or admire the ancient reptile, then here are some interesting facts to know:

They Were Friends with Dinosaurs

Believe it or not, turtles have been around for years — and were even shared the earth the dinosaurs at one point, too!

Turtles are said to belong to the oldest group of reptiles on the planet, and their existence stems all the way back to 200 million years ago.

This is an astonishing fact to know, since turtles are still in existence to this very day, unlike the dinosaurs.

Have a Long Life Span

Looking to get a pet for your kids that will have a long lifespan? If that’s the case, then it a turtle will undoubtedly be the best choice!

Of course, just like anything else, it depends on the overall health of the turtle and how well they’re taken care of since their first day at their new home.

It has been said that the most extended living turtle in the world reached an age of approximately 188 years old — which is quite an accomplishment for any reptile!

All Have Different Eating Habits

Think that all turtles are herbivores? Well, you might be amazed that some turtles, in fact, are carnivores!

Of course, carnivorous turtles are mainly in the wild depths of the ocean — but there is a possibility that your species of turtle could be a carnivore, too!

Now, there is also a possibility that a turtle can be an omnivore — which means that they eat both meat and plants!

Their Shells Stick Around

Did you ever wonder if a turtle could come out of their shell? Of course, one would think that this reptile could leave their “mobile home” when they felt like it — but in actuality, they can’t remove it.

Believe it or not, a turtle’s shell grows with the reptile over time, which adequately protects their organs from any potential danger that may surround them.

Think of the shell as a shield for the turtle, which is essential for any turtle’s lifestyle!

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