How to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

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Sometimes the summer heat can be quite “ruff” on your pooch. Just like their human owners, dogs need plenty of water and rest during the hottest “dog days” of summer. Of course, if you’re looking for the best way to keep your pooch cool, then we have some helpful tips for you!

Provide Plenty of Water

One of the most important tips to keep your pooch cool this summer is to provide plenty of water for your fur baby.

Granted, you’ll have their main water dish available for them — but it would be wise to invest in another one, especially for outside.

Of course, this will be of great use when you have a pool party or barbecue, and your little buddy wants to join in on the fun!

Give them some Shade

Have a pooch that likes to sit outside in the summer? If that’s the case, then it’s best to provide some shade — in addition to an external water bowl. The best way to do this is to give your dog a little outdoor canopy.

Found at your local home improvement store, these relatively inexpensive canopies will be the perfect way to keep the lil’ fella’ cool; they’ll have somewhere to nap under.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that canopy is tightly secured into the ground and that it’s in a reasonable spot of your backyard!

Stock up on Ice Cubes

Another great way to keep your pooch cool this summer is to stock up on some ice cubes! Perfect for cooling down their water dish, your canine companion will love how this will cool down their water dish indoors and outdoors!

In addition to keeping their water cool, ice cubes will keep your dog entertained, being that they will love to watch these little ice blocks float around their dish — and they may even try to play with them, too!

Turn on the Sprinkler

Looking to keep your pooch cool, but provide some fun, too? Look no further than providing them with a sprinkler! Of course, this will also be the best way to keep your little buddy entertained all-day long!

When installing a sprinkler, the best solution is to find one that your pooch won’t trample on. This will not only keep the sprinkler playtime safe, but it will keep you worry-free, too.

Another thing to keep in mind: make sure that you’re supervising the sprinkler playtime. This will keep your dog out of harm's way while soaking up the cool water!

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