How to Clean Your Dog’s Paws

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Does your fur baby love to run around in the dirt and mud? If so, then their paws might get dirty. Not only will this make for a mess around your home, but it could also put your dog at risk for infections and other foot-borne abrasions. If you’re looking for the best way to clean their paws, then here are some tips to follow:

Use a Dog-Safe Wipe

One of the best, and most accessible ways, to clean your dog’s paws is to use a wet wipe. Known to be considered “a bath in a cloth” this will be the perfect way to clean their paws with ease — especially if you’re a pet parent on the go.

Before you wipe down their paws with any ol’ wipe around your home, it’s best to check if the wipe is pet-safe. Sometimes, a wipe isn’t intended for animal use — and could potentially lead to some serious health risks.

The best wipes to use will say “pet-safe” on the package. If you’re not sure if a wipe is pet-safe or not, then it’s best to always consult with your veterinarian to see if it will be safe for your fur baby!

Make Your own Cleaning Cloth

If you’re not able to find any pet-friendly cleaning cloths, then it’s best to make your own. To start, take either a paper towel or washcloth and dampen it a tad. Once that’s complete, take a small dime-sized amount of your dog’s shampoo and place it on the cleaning cloth/towel.

After that step is complete, you’ll want to gently grab your dog’s paw and rub the pad in gentle, circular motions. From there, gently clean in between your dog’s toes, followed by cleaning the nails themselves.

Once this is complete, you can then dry your dog’s paws using another clean paper towel or cleaning cloth. This will not only keep their paws dry, but it will also keep them free from any slips or falls, due to wet feet.

Utilize Your Kitchen Sink

Is your pooch small enough to fit inside of your kitchen sink? If so, you can simply make a “bath” (that only goes up to their ankles) and clean their paws accordingly.

Just like a regular bath in the bathroom, you’ll only want to use lukewarm water and your pooch’s favorite shampoo. Not only will this keep your pooch comfortable, but it will keep them clean and out of harm’s way.

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