The Importance of Clipping Your Dog’s Nails

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Fact:  most dogs need to have their nails clipped approximately every one to two months. No matter what size or breed your canine is, they’ll feel much better when this essential feature of their paws is taken care of. Of course, you’re aware that they must be clipped, but what is the actual significance behind it? Let us explain.

Prevents Injury

One of the most important reasons why most dog’s nails need to be clipped is because it can prevent injury. Think about it: when you have a nail that grows too long, on your foot, there is the possibility that it could become ingrown or get snagged on something. The same applies to your pooch, especially since their paws are exposed to the elements (i.e., cement, grass).

Creates Comfort

Let’s face it: when you have a nail that’s overgrown, it can be somewhat uncomfortable and in some cases painful; the same applies to your fur baby’s nails, too. When a dog’s nails are too long, it makes walking around the house a little bit painful. Besides inspecting their “claws,” you’ll know it’s time to trim them when you hear a lot of clicking and clacking.

Maintains Joints

As dogs get older, their joints tend to weaken, causing them some unnecessary pain. When it comes to cutting your pooch’s nails, this will not only help them prevent any additional joint pain, but this will also help preserve their joints and limbs. The reason why long nails can affect your dog’s joints is that the nails will send shocks every time they walk.

Clipping Advice

If you’re not sure, or comfortable, clipping your fur baby’s nails, then it’s important to bring them to a trusted professional. If your dog gets groomed regularly, their groomer will usually inspect the status of their nails, and if needed, will clip them. If your dog’s nails need to be clipped before their next visit to the groomer, then you can certainly bring your pooch to the veterinarian for a much needed “manicure.”

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