Dog Pool? Let us Explain.

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Fact: dogs love to splash around in cold water, during the summer. From going in a big pool (under the supervision of their owners) to running around in the sprinkler, there are many different ways your pooch can stay cool! If you’re looking to give your fur baby a surprise this summer, then we suggest creating a dog pool -- and here’s how to make one!

Search for a Pool

Depending on the size of your pooch, you’ll need to scout out a pool. Of course, this isn’t your average pool -- because you’ll be looking for a child-sized plastic pool! Usually inexpensive, this aquatic staple will be perfect for your fur baby, since it’s shallow and safe.

When selecting the plastic pool, it’s essential to get one without a built-in slide, since this might be unsafe for your pooch; they’ll be tempted to climb it. The perfect pool will be round, with a flat, textured surface. This will not only be ideal, but it will also give your fur baby some traction, too.

Find a Space

Once you acquire the plastic pool for your pooch, it’s time to start working on their poolside retreat! Before you place the pool anywhere, you’ll (ideally) want to find a spot in your yard that will be in a cool, shaded area.

Of course, the pool will cool down your pooch, but you don’t want them to be in direct sunlight, either. After you find that space, it’s time to start creating the best part: your fur baby’s oasis!

Create an Oasis

Since you’ve found the perfect spot for the pool, it’s now time for the fun part: create the oasis of your pooch’s dreams! When it comes to this step, it’s important to be as creative as possible. From adding faux palm trees to beach-themed accessories, this will be the perfect way to tie your vision together!

Once you create the scenic part of your fur baby’s pool area, you can then add some water to the pool. Just note: when adding water, you don’t want to fill the pool all the way up to the top. The reason? If your pooch wants to lay down, their head will be above the water. After you add water, then it’s time to show your pooch their grand surprise!

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