Summer Pet Bird Tips

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Believe it or not, most birds do love the summer! Of course, these feathered friends don’t visit the beach or go to the local carnival, but they do enjoy the warm weather -- and everything that comes along with it, too! If you’re the proud parent of a bird, then here are some essential summer tips to know:

Shut the Windows

When you’re trying to save energy, or it’s a cool summer day, you’ll be more inclined to open the window -- rather than turn on the air conditioner. With that being said, you’ll never want to leave an open window unattended, especially if your feathered friend is outside of their cage.

If you must open the windows in your home, make sure that they have a screen on them. This will not only prevent insects from coming inside, but this will ensure the safety of your bird from “traveling” to the beach on their own.

Watch the Fan

Another common way to keep cool (notice a trend?) is turning on the ceiling fan. Yes, this fixture is a staple to make any room much more refreshing -- but it’s highly dangerous to your bird if they’re outside of their cage.

Just like opening the windows in your home, it’s essential to keep your bird in their cage if you are to turn on the ceiling fan. Not only will this keep your home at a decent temperature, but it will also keep your pet safe!

Close the Doors

Of course, this is the perfect way to keep the cold air in your home from escaping, but an open the door to the outdoors can be quite dangerous. Just like their owners, most birds strive for the summer sun and will do anything to bask in its glory.

If you’re entering or exiting your home, make sure that your feathered friend is safe in their cage. Now, if it’s a cool night and you feel like sitting on your front porch/steps with the door open, again, make sure that your bird is in their cage. This will eliminate any flying away!

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