How to Tell if Your pet is Dehydrated

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Believe it or not, sometimes your pet could be dehydrated -- and you might not even know it. Just like human beings, this can be quite common for your animal in the summertime. Although you can prevent this by making sure that your pet is drinking a decent amount of water, there are some common signs to keep an eye out for:

Loss of Appetite

One of the most evident signs of dehydration in an animal is a loss of appetite. When your beloved pet is hydrated, they’ll stick to their “routine,” eating everything that is presented in front of them.

However, if your animal is dehydrated, they’ll be less likely to eat even the smallest amount of food. Of course, your animal could be full from the meal (and treats before) -- but if your beloved pet’s appetite doesn’t seem right, then it could be due to dehydration.

Constantly Panting

Granted, your dog or cat will pant from time to time -- but if this is a constant observation, then it’s possible that they’re dehydrated. When your fur baby begins to pant, this is their non-verbal sign of communicating to you that they’re hot.

Of course, panting is normal, but frequent panting (when it seems unusually long) may be the sign that your little buddy will need to sit in the shade and drink some more water. Ideally, it’s best to have your pet inside an air-conditioned environment, with a bowl filled with water, on the hotter days of the summer!

Unusually Tired

As pet owners, we usually joke around that our beloved animals are “always sleeping,” even after a full night’s rest. However, there is a difference between your pet being tired and your pet being dehydrated.

Usually, when your pet is tired, they’ll begin to nod off into a deep slumber -- but if your pet is dehydrated, then they won’t fall asleep, but will seem rather weak when walking around. If that’s the case, get your pet some water immediately and bring them inside to a cold environment. Of course, if water doesn’t seem to be cutting it, then it’s important to take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

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