The Best Toys for a Dog


Life can be “ruff” sometimes — but not for a dog! When it comes to having a pet dog, there will be an endless amount of joy and happiness from the little guy — especially if you purchase them a series of toys! Not sure which ones to buy? Let us help you out!

Tennis Balls

Have a new puppy in your life or your trusty pal of a few years? No matter what age they are, all dogs will love to play with a tennis ball! This sporting staple makes the perfect toy since it will keep your dog active — especially if they’re a hyper, little puppy! A can of tennis balls can be purchased at any sporting goods store at a relatively inexpensive price, and will last for quite some time — unless you happen to throw it into the neighbor’s yard by accident!

Durable Plush Toy

Another staple of dog toys is to get your little buddy a durable plush toy. Reminiscent of a stuffed animal from your childhood, these stuffed toys will make the perfect addition to your dog’s toy chest! Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these plush toys make dogs feel comfortable as if they have one of their babies with them. Also, these durable plush toys are a great way to calm dogs and give their teeth a much-needed break!

Dental Toy

Looking to keep your dog’s pearly whites in perfect shape? Then it will be wise to look into getting your buddy a dental toy! Coming in the form of a standard bone, these will be the perfect solution to preventing gingivitis and any other potential dental problems your dog can encounter. Also, these dental toys are a great addition to their toy collection since it can certainly keep them occupied!

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