The Benefits of a Scratching Post


Oh, no — it looks like your cat clawed the couch again! In an effort to prevent your beloved fluffy friend from doing that again, it may be best to invest in a scratching post. If you’re not sure of which type of scratching post to purchase or how it will benefit your cat, we’re here to help with these tips:

Prevents Furniture Damage

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a scratching post for your cat is that it will prevent them from destroying your furniture. Cat owners, you know the struggle well: Fluffy will grow bored and will eventually begin to claw at anything within her sight. Although this may seem like a harmless activity, your cat will ruin the object they scratch — but not unless it’s a scratching post! Instead of going to the couch or coffee table, your cat will have a blast scratching away on their scratching post!

Helps Maintain Their Claws

Another benefit of purchasing your cat a scratching post is that they will be able to file their nails with ease. That’s right: as you know, cats must keep their claws in tip-top shape in order to live a healthy lifestyle. When a cat sharpens their nails on their scratching post, they’ll not only be able to keep them well-maintained, but they’ll also be able to shed any layers off of dead skin off of their nails, too.

Strengthens Their Muscles

When you have any type of pet, it’s important to help them exercise and strengthen their muscles. When you introduce a scratching post into your cat’s daily routine, it will not only help maintain their claws, but it will also help them build strength in their muscles. This is particularly the case when you give your cat a tall scratching post! Just think: the taller the scratching post, the better your cat’s muscles will develop over time!  

Keeps Them Entertained

Believe it or not, giving your cat a scratching post will keep them entertained when they’re bored! This is also is the perfect way to let cats reduce their stress and keep their eyes on the prize: peace. When you provide a scratching post, or two, your cat will certainly thank you (in their own, adorable way) for giving them the best gift ever!

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