Summertime Fish Tank Tips


Summer is on the way and what better way to prepare then with some helpful fish tank tips! Believe it or not, certain types of fish must be kept in temperature controlled waters — where the water can’t rise (or lower) beyond a certain temperature. If that’s the case and a heatwave arises, then here are some cooling tips to follow to keep your fish safe:

Dim the Lights

One of the easiest ways to keep your fish cool this summer is to dim the lights of their tank. If anything, you want to keep the lights on full-brightness for as little time as possible. This will not only cool the water down significantly for your fish, but it will also make it much more comfortable. As a friendly reminder, most fish cannot be in a fish tank that exceeds 82 degrees — or else the worst possible scenario can happen. Throughout the summer, it’s important to keep a close eye on your fish’s tank thermometer — because it could be quite dangerous if your fish are kept in above-average waters.

Fan the Water

Another cool tip to use this summer is to give your fish a fan to cool down the water. Of course, you’re not going to place the fan in the tank — but right above it, at a safe and sturdy angle. Before you place it on high blast, you want to keep the fan on the lowest setting. The reason being is that it will make it much easier for you to monitor the fan, while the water cools. Additionally, having a fan on the lowest setting will also prevent any water from spilling out of the tank. Just remember: depending on the type of fish, they want to be completely comfortable — and not swimming overly hot water.

Keep Away From Windows

Looking for one of the simplest solutions to cooling down a fish tank? Keep it completely away from the window. Believe it or not, keeping a fish tank by the window is actually harmful for fish all-year round, since there’s a strong chance that the water can develop algae and make the tank dirty. When looking for the best location to keep the water, think about areas in your home that have very little bouts of sunlight. Your fish will be the happiest fish in the land when you follow this tip!

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