I Think My Bird Just Sneezed

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Have you been suffering from the dry winter air?  You might not be the only one sneezing!  When your bird's nasal passages dry up, you might see your feathered friend sneezing too.

Since most parrots come from naturally humid climates, dry winter air can leave your bird with dried nasal passages, which causes them to sneeze.

How to Care for Your Sneezing Bird:

  • Add a Humidifier - Humidifiers are a great way to add humidity to your home.  On dry winter days, it can be good for your birds and for you!
  • Talk to Your Vet - Your vet can show you how to flush your bird's nostrils with a sterile saline solution.  This will help keep them hydrated.

  • Mist Your Bird - You can periodically mist your pet to raise humidity in their cage.

While sneezing is normal and likely due to a dry environment, you should speak with a vet if the problem is chronic.  Your bird's veterinarian will be able to help you determine if the problem is due to an infection.

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