Chinchilla Dust Bathing 101: What You Need to Know

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Fact: Chinchillas aren’t bathed like traditional animals! If you own one of these marvelous little creatures or are looking into purchasing one, then you’ll know that Chinchillas only take dust baths — but why is that? To start, Chinchillas have a really dense coat of fur that can’t be washed. Still perplexed? Let us explain:

Why Can’t my Chinchilla be Bathed?

When it comes to Chinchillas, these little creatures can’t be bathed like traditional fur-bearing animals, as mentioned earlier. The reason is that Chinchillas have particularly dense, complex fur. Although it possible that a Chinchilla could have an occasional splash of water on their coat, it does take quite some time for the fur to dry — even if it’s a small amount of water. If a Chinchilla did get bathed in water, it would then take a long period of time for the fur to fully dry. Wet fur could potentially lead to a bacterial infection on the Chinchilla’s skin, which could lead to a series of health problems. This is why it’s important to only give your little buddy dust baths and not traditional baths!

What Does a Dust Bath Entail?

Unlike soap and water, Chinchillas in the wild use natural volcanic dust to give themselves a bath! The dust acts as a cleaning agent, which removes damaging oil and dirt throughout the skin and fur of the Chinchilla — without the use of water. Although it would be a rarity to come across natural volcanic dust at your local pet store, it’s important to purchase certified Chinchilla Dust — which will act as a great substitute for the volcanic dust. Once you obtain this cleaning essential for your little buddy, it’s important to then provide your Chinchilla with a tiny bathhouse, which is usually reminiscent of a birdhouse for your Chinchilla. Once you have these two items, pour a generous (but not overwhelming) amount of the dust in the bathhouse and let your Chinchilla do the rest! Your little buddy will take a dust bath for approximately three minutes or longer, depending on how they feel! Once the bath is over, then your Chinchilla will be cleaner than ever!

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