Why is my Fish Shy?

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Believe it or not, fish get stage fright. Of course, you won’t see your fish swim across an actual Broadway stage anytime soon — but they do get quite scared of their tanks. No need to worry, though: this is quite common for fish of all ages and sizes. If you’re not sure why your fish friend is shy, then here are some of the most common reasons why:

They’re Afraid of Being Alone

One of the biggest reasons why your fish is shy is because they’re not used to being alone. As you know, most fish (in the wild) travel in schools — and it’s a rarity that they would swim on their own. When it comes to having a pet fish in your home, typically you’ll own of a fish that did travel in schools during its time in the wild — and being alone for the first time can startle your fish to an extent. If this happens, or you think that this could be the problem, don’t be alarmed because this is a natural occurrence with most fish. One of the best ways to help your fish overcome their “stage fright” is to decorate their tank. From colorful gravel to fun tank statues, it will certainly help your fish friend feel less exposed and will put them at ease. Another added benefit? Decorating your fish’s tank will also give your bubble buddy a custom, happy little home!

They’re Not Travel-Friendly

Another big factor in making a fish shy is the trip from the store to your home. Believe it or not, a fish will feel a little uneasy when they make the big commute — and the startlement could last for a few days. Again, don’t be alarmed since this is quite common (and natural) for most fish and is quite simple to help them overcome it. One of the best ways to help your fish outgrow their travel shyness is to give them some places to hide. Although this sounds like you’re hindering your fish’s potential charisma, it’s actually helping them in the long run. As mentioned earlier, fish sometimes feel vulnerable when left alone in a decoration-less tank. If you provide your little buddy with some hiding spaces (in addition to decorations), they’ll not only feel more comfortable — but they’ll also become more charismatic! The change in your fish’s personality won’t happen instantly, but it will happen quickly; be on the lookout!

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