What to Get the Bird who Has Everything for the Holidays 2018

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Birdie goodies and treats are nice, but if you've been a bird parent for a while, they might be getting a little tired of it. Well, they might not be, but as humans, we tend to get bored with the same old things.

Here are some great ideas that you can give your bird for the holidays that are new, refreshing and super exciting for both of you!

  • A piece of spray millet (the grain not the fish)

  • Dried red peppers (arrange in patterns of green and red for a festive appeal!)

  • Parrot foot toys

  • Vine wreaths (add strings of green, red and other festive colors for a personal touch your birds will love)

  • Birdie bagels

  • Wicker stars

  • Bells

  • Bell bouquets(let your birds provide the music to your family's festive music choir)

  • Pine cones

Holiday Themed Bird Gifts

All of the above bird toys can be made to look festive with splashes of blue, red, green, golds, and shimmery pastel colors that your bird will enjoy. However, there are some toys that already come festively decorated.

  • Multi-colored wooden 'lights' on leather strips

  • Hard plastic reindeer (for larger birds)

  • Christmas tree toys that play carols when your bird pushes a button

  • Wrapping paper (sometimes this is the real highlight — but with supervision!)

As you can see there are tons of presents that you can get for your bird in addition to the standard toys and treats. Watching them happily tear into the wrapping paper is a priceless experience that warms our hearts but let's make sure their hearts are warm as well.

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