How to Keep Pets Safe on Thanksgiving

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Oh, the excitement of Thanksgiving! The aroma of culinary goodness wafting through the house. The sound of laughter among family and friends. The blaring of the television and the shouts of that over-excited football fanatic drowning out conversation.

Even with the excitement and anticipation, it can be stressful to handle it all. And just as you might feel the effects of this departure from your normal routine, your pets can feel unsettled as well. Therefore, try to maintain your pet’s routine and keep their life as stress free as possible.

Giving your pet a great holiday experience is a lot easier than you might think. Here are some actions that you can take to keep your four-legged friend safe and happy:

  • Ensure that your pet is wearing its collar and that the information on the tag is up-to-date. With doors opening and closing, pets can dash out unexpectedly.

  • Those big, adorable eyes staring at you while you are stuffing your face can make you want to give them a small taste of the deliciousness. But resist. If your pet is not used to table food, then giving them table food can result in an eruption of a sensitive stomach. (Fancy way of saying vomiting.) And who wants to clean that up in the middle of a meal.

  • Clear off the table as soon as the meal is over. Those tempting scraps would just be too much for your pet to resist. Your pet could scarf down a bone or onions or some other potentially dangerous food. So take five minutes — and do not refuse your son’s new significant other’s offer to help – and clear away dishes and dispose of garbage by taking it outside.

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