Interesting Facts About Spiders

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What has eight legs and is found in most homes across the world? Spiders! Whether it’s a tiny little guy crawling along a plant on your front porch or it’s your neighbor’s pet tarantula, a spider is a common commodity. However, have you ever wondered about some spine-tingling facts about these creatures? We’re here to explain!

Short Life Spans

Unlike a crocodile or house cat, a male spider generally has a short life expectancy. Whether the spider is in excellent health or is jumping from daring heights, these little guys are only known to live up to two years, maximum. Now, when it comes to female spiders, they’re able to defy odds and live a tad longer — which could be anywhere from two to ten years, or even longer!

Known to Recycle

You know the moment well: you’re walking in your backyard on a hot, humid day — and then walk directly into a spiderweb! Of course, while this might destroy the web for the spider, these creatures are actually able to recycle their creations! Believe it or not, spiders are known to eat their old web fragments — but there is the chance that they might throw out the old one, just by spinning it up!

Found Everywhere

Not the biggest fan of spiders? If that’s the case, then it’s best to move to an arctic region since they’ll be nonexistent due to the temperature! However, if you live anywhere other than an arctic region, then it’s possible there could be as many as twenty spiders residing in your home. Remain calm, though, as many of these arachnids are hiding in areas you don’t frequently go to (i.e., corners of the basement, attic, etcetera).

Hairy Feet

One of the most unknown facts about spiders? These little creatures have hairy feet. That’s right: spiders have an abundance of tiny hairs on their feet to help them crawl and defy gravity. The next time you spot a spider crawling across your ceiling or on the side of your home, their hairy feet is the reason that they’re able to do this so gracefully!

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