Pet Halloween Safety 101

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When cobwebs and pumpkins frequent doorsteps across the country, then that only means one thing: Halloween is on the way! Of course, while this traditional holiday returns yearly, it’s always important to review some important pet safety guidelines. Pet parents, if you plan on celebrating with your little buddy on the big night, then here are some things to keep in mind:

Keep Candy Out of Sight

One of the most essential Halloween tips for any pet parent is to keep Halloween candy out of sight and reach. Sure, it might be convenient to place the bowl on the floor in your entrance way — but that makes the process of your animal eating human treats much more tempting and accessible.

Not only is it dangerous if your little buddy gets a hold of candy, but there is a possibility that they could choke if not supervised. The best way to avoid this from happening? Merely keep candy on top of a shelf or highly elevated table to beat temptation!

Choose the Proper Costume

Sure, it’s simple to keep your pet’s costume on at all times on the spookiest day of the year — but that could also be quite uncomfortable for your little buddy, in addition to even posing as a safety risk, too. Of course, you never want to dress your pet in human clothing since they could trip and get injured.

If you do plan on dressing up your pet for Halloween, please make sure that the costume is intended for the animal and fits appropriately. If you’re not sure whether a costume will fit or is intended for your pet, then it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Supervision is Key

A significant mistake that many pet owners unknowingly make on Halloween? Not supervising their pet closely. To avoid making this mistake, it’s best to keep your little buddy indoors and limit their outside time — especially in the backyard. This will not only keep them out of harm’s way, but you’ll feel much better knowing that your animal is safe and sound in the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, if you plan on handing out candy and have a dog, you’ll want to keep your dog in another room of the house when you open the front door. By doing this, you’ll avoid the chance of your pooch running outside or potentially biting a trick-or-treater out of fear.

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