Why Does My Goldfish Stay at the Bottom of the Tank?

Goldfish - For Birds Only - January 3, 2018.jpg

One of the most universal, small pets on the planet is a goldfish! Either won at a local carnival or purchased at your pet store, this shiny fish is truly a bundle of joy to have in your home! Although these beautiful little creatures are known to swim happily throughout their tanks, they sometimes drift towards the bottom of the tank and stay there. Here are some reasons as to why the little guy might be swimming low:

Bubbly Boredom

Believe it or not, just like humans, goldfish tend to grow bored. As it’s known, goldfish can only survive in water — or else they would walk around your home! Since the little creature tends to swim all day long, it’s possible that they will grow bored, and will ultimately swim to the bottom of the tank. Although this may seem a bit strange, it’s completely normal — and your little buddy is perfectly fine since they’re just exploring different regions of their underwater kingdom!

Taking a Nap

At night, where do you fall asleep? For most, it’s their bed in their bedroom — which is a flat, comfortable surface. Since fish float in water, they feel more at ease when they swim to the bottom of their aquatic home. In addition to gravitating towards the bottom of the bowl, fish tend to switch up their sleeping habits — and sometimes the bottom of the tank happens to be the place they choose to rest!

Not Feeling Bubbly

If you find that your goldfish is staying predominantly at the bottom of their tank, they may, in fact, be having a health issue. One of the most common is that your little buddy could be suffering from stress. When your fish is stressed, they’ll feel as if they’re shutting down — and will ultimately stay towards the bottom of their tank on a daily basis. Another health issue that your goldfish could suffer is from sickness, due to possible nitrates/debris in the water. This will be clearly evident that your fish friend is feeling ill, because they’ll noticeably be less active and won’t be as bubbly.

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