Why Does My Hermit Crab Need a Shell?

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One of the greatest little pets to have is a hermit crab. Known as both a land and sea creature, hermit crabs are quite popular among parents with small children. When looking at a hermit crab, you’ll notice that they wear a shell at all times —- but why is that? If you’re curious as to why these little creatures adorn this sturdy accessory, we have the answer here:

Fragile Body

When it comes to hermit crabs, their bodies are very fragile — possibly even more delicate than a wine glass. Unlike their relatives in the animal kingdom, hermit crabs have a soft abdomen that’s as thin as paper. When out in the wild, hermit crabs endure a series of events that can harm their bodies such as predators and sharp objects, to name a few. Since hermit crabs lack protection (or a shield) from these possible elements,  they must find the means to stay protected — and that’s the reason why they need a shell.

Not Shell-fish

Believe it or not, hermit crabs need to acquire a shell for protection. If a wild hermit crab is left without a shell, then it will be a long and dangerous road for the little creature. Despite what some may think, wild hermit crabs seek protection with abandoned shells from larger creatures, such as a sea snail. Although it may seem like the hermit crab is stealing the shell, they’re actually borrowing it — since eventually they’ll outgrow and abandon it themselves. When it comes to domestic hermit crabs, they’ll already have a shell of their own. Although they won’t brace the elements like wild hermit crabs, these little creatures still need a shell to feel right at home.

The Big Difference

If you’re looking for a great little pet to have at your home, then a hermit crab will be a perfect choice! Simple to take care of, this little creature will be a pure joy to have! Unlike wild hermit crabs who need to find new shells from time-to-time, your domestic hermit crab will come equipped with their own unique shell. In addition, your hermit crab won’t have to brace the elements of a traditional hermit crab and will be the most memorable pet in your lifetime!

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